Frequently Asked Questions

Q...  When a player that has purchased the bookmaker licence lands on a bookmaker square that has reverted to a Have A Bet square, can the bookmaker bet with the Tote?
A....  No. there is no option to bet with the Tote for any player in that situation. Play continues with the next player the same as it would if any other player had landed on A Have A Bet square and did not want to gamble.

Q...  When a player draws the Breeder Bonus card..... ”If owning 1 stallion etc” can they still collect the $50,000 if they own more than 1 stallion?
A....  Yes. If they own 1 or more they would still collect the bonus.


Q....  When a player draws either of the Performed Horse cards from the Racing deck is the card returned to the bottom of the deck?
A....  No. the card is held by the player with the horse category card they select for that particular horse. The only time it would be returned to the deck is if that player becomes a bankrupt and is out of the game.