Turf Legends Board Game

Turf Legends Board Game

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The game can be approached in mind of what you’d like to do and just how involved you would like to get in the conglomerate that is the horse racing industry. If you’d like to just race your horse, maybe have a bet or two and hopefully pick up major prize money along the way. Then you can do it.

You even have the opportunity to purchase one or two performed horses and go straight into Group racing also if you wanted. Or maybe you are destined to become a major player and influence in the industry, by buying and selling any of the numerous business opportunities on offer in the game. From Stallions and Stud Farms, to Stables, even one or two Veterinary Clinics. You can literally become the driving force behind the industry by purchasing one or both transport companies.

Then again if you like to give food for thought, a feed or supplement supply company maybe more your go. There’s even a bookmaker licence to contemplate, taking on your friends by giving them the opportunity to back their charges to land a win or place, investing their “hard earned” on the gamble, whilst trying to get yours

The game reaches conclusion when one player achieves Champion Race Horse status or an agreed time restraint is reached.

There is a monetary allocation to each player as shown in the Rule Book, but if you and your friends would like to up the ante and challenge the bookmaker.

The opportunity is there within reason, for you to set your own parameters by allocating a larger amount equally to each player.

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